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Cyber Security for Data Centres

Very often a data centre’s biggest weakness is insufficient protection from cyber threats. With uptime and security critical to every data centre it is imperative to protect the networks, devices and systems that underpin the infrastructure that support the IT stack. This is one area that typically falls outside the corporate network, and this, combined with the increasing complexity of these systems, makes it highly vulnerable to cyber attack.

Ever more sophisticated hackers are looking for a ‘back door’ and they are likely to find them here. There is a high probability that this will lead to severe security breaches, downtime and potentially serious financial loss. DIAL’s understanding of digital & data centre infrastructure together with the unique Darktrace Cyber AI platform provides unparalleled Cyber Security for data centre & industrial networks and enterprise IT.

The partnership between DIAL and Darktrace provides a unique AI Cyber solution for operators of digital infrastructure & data centres that bridges the gap between Security, IT and Engineering teams to provide a comprehensive enterprise wide cyber defence. Darktrace have over 4000 global customer installations and DIAL is uniquely placed to offer a 30 day no cost trial to demonstrate this compelling technology.  Simply fill out the form and we will make things happen fast.

The answer is DIAL with Darktrace

The DIAL and Darktrace partnership is the ‘go to’ AI Cyber solution for operators of Digital Infrastructure & Data Centre, because it bridges the gap between Security, IT and Engineering teams, giving comprehensive enterprise-wide Cyber defence. It becomes part of the corporate network, rather than being overlooked, and the risk of being a back door to hackers is significantly reduced.



OT attacks became mainstream in 2020

As Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and traditional IT networks converge, the number of cyber-attacks that start in the corporate network before spreading to operational technology has increased dramatically in the last 12 months. From North Korean hackers targeting a nuclear power plant in India to ransomware shutting down operations at a US gas facility and across Honda’s manufacturing sites, 2020 has been the year OT attacks have become mainstream.

Darktrace recently detected a simulation of a state-of-the-art attack at an international airport, identifying ICS reconnaissance, lateral movement, vulnerability scanning and protocol fuzzing – a technique in which the attacker sends nonsensical commands over an ICS communication channel in order to confuse the target device, causing it to fail or reboot.

A 30-day no cost trial will demonstrate exactly where the vulnerabilities in your data centre lie and show you how to protect them.


DIAL are offering a complimentary cyber security analysis and unique AI insight into your network and its security.  Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive network visibility, assessment, and asset schedule
  • Threat intelligence report (TIR) for your network
  • Recommended actions to mitigate threats
  • Threat detection & recommended interventions
  • Understand how an automated response to anomalous activity can protect your network
  • Learn how the value of AI and self-learning can be used to protect your network


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