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August 9, 2021

Common vulnerabilities in the building infrastructure of global Data Centres are being overlooked, leaving them open to Cyber Attack

We have launched a new service to address serious risks, which are currently being widely overlooked within the Data Centre industry. As a Darktrace Certified Partner we are using its Cyber AI platform to enable us to concentrate on the potentially exposed Facility Critical Infrastructure Networks (FCINs) that surround a Data Centre.

Throughout industry, the threat has long been identified, with security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) being protected from Cyber Threat, but one of a Data Centre’s biggest weaknesses remains its infrastructure. This could prove extremely damaging if not addressed with some urgency.

We are bringing together the Darktrace expertise in protecting corporate and industrial networks, with our experience in the Data Centre sector.

Despite the increasingly critical role Data Centres play in business, and arguably because of their progressive size and complexity, they are underserved from the FCIN security perspective. One of a number of FCINs common to every Data Centre, is the network that supports its building systems. This includes security systems, access control, power, cooling, IoT devices & sensors, fire & life safety systems, remote monitoring tools, building management systems, as well as control systems on multiple networks, which have many protocols and platforms such as BacNet, ModBus, SCADA, TCPIP, and others.

This network offers a ‘back door’ for hackers and rogue insiders to compromise the ICT infrastructure they support, leading to downtime, breached security and broken SLAs.

Our CEO Mike West says, “The hackers themselves are becoming ever more sophisticated and are broadening their targets. We see increasing threats to Data Centres, with a worrying number of examples of utilities and industrial facilities being compromised.”

Darktrace spokesperson Sam Alderman-Miller commented, “We have a global ‘Solutions for Industry Challenges’ programme and at the current time there is an opportunity for Digital Infrastructure Advisors to establish a leadership position in the Data Centre Industry and take advantage of our ‘proof of value’ trials to establish the value of the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System and demonstrate a ‘step change’ in the security of the Data Centre facilities throughout its global network.”

Mike West agrees, “We have recognised a key vulnerability in the Data Centre sector. We identified that Darkspace is unique in the self-learning Enterprise and Industrial Cyber solutions it offers. Working together, we are uniquely placed to support already overstretched security and IT teams in protecting every corner of their networks.”

In order to prove its value, Digital Infrastructure Advisors will provide a free thirty-day report on the complete Cyber situation within a Data Centre’s building systems network, to those who take up the offer of a free trial of the Darktrace solution.

If you would like to discuss taking advantage of this, please contact +44 7768 557 191 or email

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